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Bergen — Norway at its best

Bergen is probably one of the most authentic Norwegian cities. There are many things to see and lots of attractions are waiting to be explored while you stay in your NOVASOL holiday cottage. One of the city’s trademarks is a historical row of houses along the harbor. This area is called “Bryggen” and was an earlier trade center. The houses on Bryggen still look like they did back when they were built. They are made solely of wood and have an interior that reflects an older Norway. Bergen was built in 1070 which means that it is almost a thousand years old. It later became a trade center of the North because of its harbor and its size. Because of the buildings being made solely of wood, Bergen has lost quite a few buildings due to fires. They have later been rebuilt and the Norwegians took care to build them in the way they originally were. Because of this the aesthetic look of Bergen has not changed much since the 12th century. This is one of the reasons why Bryggen was dealt a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” price in 1979. Today most of the houses on Bryggen have stores and such in them. NOVASOL offers you holiday cottages to stay in while exploring Bergen so you will have the most ideal starting point for a great vacation. Bergen also has a large fish market. Here you can buy fresh seafood from the Atlantic. They also sell lots of dry fish. Cruise ships often sail past Bergen as well. There is one ship that sails along the Norwegian coast up to Hammerfest in the most Northern part of Norway. “Fløibanen” is a Norwegian rail road that rides up to the beautiful mountains near Bergen. This is also something that everyone who visits Bergen should experience. People who are interested in beautiful buildings should visit the castle “Gamlehaugen”. This is where the royal family in Norway resides. Norway’s first prime minister also used to live there. Rent your NOVASOL holiday home in Bergen today and enjoy Norway at its best.